What can end up as hours of fun! Suitable for adults & kids Although adult supervision is required. Do you think you have what it takes to conquer the maze? A must do family activity in Donegal for families  – and adults!

About The Maze

880 plants and 1km of Pathway to the Centre

“A Maze” is a really popular addition to the park and offers hours of endless fun. The maze was designed by Jennifer Fisher and set out and planted by our team of gardeners at Oakfield Park.

The maze a must do family activity in Donegal suitable  for both children and adults alike, working you way into the centre toward the imposing 10-metre-tall brick tower – then spend the afternoon trying to work your way out again! If you get stuck just look up the free Oakfield Park app where you can use the map to guide you out.


Other Structured Planting 

Not to be confused with the maze!

There are other features that have often been confused with the maze. In the lower gardens around the Longsleeper sculpture, is the Spiral Mound. Planted in very fragile buxus, follow the spiral round and round to reach the Centrepoint. In the upper gardens next to the house is the parterre, again formed with Buxus sempervirens, this is an ornamental feature with gaps between the manicured shapes which cannot be walked through.


Entry & Train Charges

General Admission

Adults €9

Children €6

Under 3’s Free

Train Trip

Adults €7

Children €5

Under 3’s Free

Family Pass (Entry and a trip on the train)

1 Adult & 2 Children

€30 save €8

2 Adults & 1 Child

€35 save €8

2 Adults & 2 Children

€40 save €14

2 Adults & 3 Children

€45 save €20

Railway Information

Difflin Lake Railway

Duchess of Difflin

Earl of Oakfield

Bishop Twysden

Difflin Lake Railway

  • Architect
    A & E Wright, Belfast
  • Consultant
    Martin’s Models Garden Railways
  • Gauge
    15 inches
  • Length of Track
    4km (2.5 miles) including sidings
  • Rail
    Steel, S7, 14lb/yard
  • Minimum Radius
    65 ft. (22 metres)
  • Ruling Gradient
    1 in 30 straight, 1 in 45 curves
  • Sleepers
    Galvanised steel and treated softwood

Duchess of Difflin

  • Built By
    Exmoor Steam Railway Co.
  • Delivered
    February 2003
  • Overall Width
    45 inches (1.1 meters)
  • Length
    10 ft. (3.05 meters)
  • Height
    5 ft. 10 inches (1.8 meters)
  • Weight
    3.2 tonnes
  • Driving Wheels
    14 inch (355mm) diameter
  • Boiler Pressure
    150 lb./sq. in.

Earl of Oakfield

  • Built By
    Alan Keef Ltd.
  • Features
    Perkins 103.10 3-Cylinder diesel engine
  • Length
    8 ft. (2.4m)
  • Height
    6 ft. (1.8m)
  • Width
    4 ft. (1.2m)

Bishop Twysden

  • Built By
    James Duncan
  • Overall Width
    3 ft. (0.92 meters)
  • Length
    6 ft. 7 inches (2.0 meters)
  • Height
    6 ft. 2 inches (1.9 meters)
  • Weight
    2.0 tonnes
  • Driving Wheels
    12 inch (300mm) diameter


This park is fabulous! The grounds are very well kept with loads of wildlife! Plenty to see and do! Definitely on the list of things to do in Donegal


8/6/2021 – Tripadvisor

What a fantastic day

I went to Oakfield park with my 4 and 5 year old boys and in their words it was the best day of our holiday ever! From the start we were met with extremely kind and enthusiastic staff members who couldn’t be more helper. My son’s played in the playground and explored all Oakfield had to offer for six hours. It was so clean and well looked after. A hidden gem we will definitely be returning to.


7/7/2021 – TripAdvisor

Great day at Oakfield Park yesterday

Had a wonderful guided tour of the upper gardens (delighted to see 4 acres of wild flowers coming up and wild garlic everywhere) then strolled around the lower gardens later on. Scrap was still with us the last time we were here and his photo by the Faerie Tree is still one of my favourites. Oakfield is more beautiful than I remember and Morholt the Land Giant is amazing! Coffee at Buffers was great and cheap. Something for everyone.

Terence McCann

30/05/2021 – Facebook

Santa Express

By FAR the best Santa experience we have visited. Every part is so well planned and feels so professional. From the train to the grotto to the outdoor entertainment and puppet show. My sons loved every bit of it. We ate at the restaurant and the food was so easy to order and quick. All round a 5* experience.


22/12/2020 – Tripadvisor

Fantastic jewel of a location.

Beautiful gardens and superbly maintained. It is beautifully presented with wonderful facilities and staff. The railway is a gem and so much fun. The restaurant has good value food and great coffee. So much to see in the grounds. Do not miss a visit to Oakfield.

John Hayes

21/08/2021 – Google

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