Posted / 21st September 2021

Jobs Available This Christmas

So you want to be an Elf? Santa has asked his Head Elf to form a new sparkly team for Oakfield Park’s Santa Express 2021 and we want you. There are many roles that we need some bright new faces for, both part time and full time. Please read through the job descriptions below and select the one(s) you feel you’d be best suited for. You need to be energetic, positive, enthusiastic with a sense of good old Christmas spirit. Only apply if you are over 15 years old and all full time roles are 18+.

Santa Express commences on the 1st of December and finishes on the 23rd December.

Please submit your CV to [email protected] along with your reasons for wanting this role. Successful applicants must be available for interview between 21st – 24th October.

Full training provided the 27th -28th November.

We cannot wait to hear from you!


ENTRANCE KIOSK (part time)

The first face customers see. Happy and welcoming with good organisational skills.

Jobs: Greeting and information, ticket scanning, distribution of tickets and tokens, communication with platform elves and temperature checks.

TEA VAN (part time or full time)

Friendly and very organised. Café experience preferred.

Jobs: Running of the tea van. Making and serving hot drinks and mulled wine. Selling other drinks and snacks, cashing up. Keeping the tea van clean and tidy and stocked.

PIAZZA (part time)     

Knowledgeable and friendly Information giver.

Jobs: Helping customers with directions, timings, quizzes etc. You are Google, you know the answers to everything. Helping out the tea van if overly busy, helping Platform Elves, entertaining the queues waiting to board the train, keeping piazza clean.

PLATFORM (part time)                  

Organised with good communication and performance skills.

Jobs: Getting passengers safely boarded and disembarked from the train. Keeping everything running on time, in charge of the clock and schedule. Cleaning in between trains. Entertaining the boarded passengers and hyping up the energy to get everyone excited to see Santa. Managing late families, ticket confusions, liaising with the Kiosk elf.

CAPTAIN (Full Time, over 18)

Management role. Organised, leadership skills.

Jobs: In control of the team at the Grotto. In charge of assigning daily roles, costumes for all the team, organising breaks, overseeing entire grottos clean routine as well as performing one of the Grotto roles. Making sure all elves are working and all customers are happy. Keeping daily reports of elves performances. Assisting the Head Elf with weekly rotas.

GROTTOS (part time)

Part of a 5 elf team with Santa. Energetic and organised.

Jobs: Keeping Santa’s Grotto magical! Helping customers safely board and disembark train. Queue management, entertaining families while they wait, leading games, singing and dancing. Door management – making sure everyone gets the same time with Santa at the right time. Organising and distributing presents for children, helping Santa.

REINDEER GAMES  (part time)

Enthusiastic and fun team of 3.

Jobs: Part of a team of elves. Setting up and playing games with children and families. Managing queues, keeping score on games, keeping location clean and organised. Keeping all games and props in working order.

Clean Team (part time or full time)

Diligent and efficient.

Jobs: Going between locations making sure that everything is kept clean, regularly disinfected and organised. Keeping track of what has been cleaned at what time. Liaising with head elves and captains about stock levels and supplies.

PUPPET SHOW (full time / part time)

Part of a performance team; theatre experience preferred but not required

Jobs: Performing learned routine puppet show on the hour every hour. You will operate the hand puppets (training provided). Also in charge of keeping puppet theatre clean and tidy, helping seat audiences and support the main actor.

PANTO PERFORMER! (full time / part time – over 17)

Theatre performance required. Children’s entertainment / Panto experience preferred.

Fun and energetic, confident performer.

Jobs: Performing a pre-scripted show on the hour for 25 mins every hour. (The Puppets will take up 10-15 minutes of this time). You will host the show and engage with the crowd and then perform for the audience along with the puppets this involves getting children to sing / engage with you as well as performing a set piece. Will rehearse with puppeteers and director the week before opening.

FLOATS (Full time or part time)

Resilient, energetic, reliable. The 3 heroes of the elf team.

Jobs: Floats need to be able to do all jobs. They provide breaks for all the other elves, covering all roles for short time frames. Providing cover if there are any emergencies. Shorter shifts but more challenging.