Mariana McCool Avatar
Mariana McCool
23/09/2020 - Google

We got a beautiful day with the weather and this added to a lovely afternoon spent at Oakfield Park. Took the train and ate at Buffers which was very nice. I also took some nice pictures

2020vision Avatar
5 star rating
02/09/2020 - TripAdvisor

Superb!! We loved this place , it is absolutely beautiful !
There's so much to see and lots of walks to enjoy .
You could very easily spend an entire day here and not be at all bored .
Lunch at Buffers was very tasty and much enjoyed , all Covid restrictions were very obviously being adhered to .
We thoroughly enjoyed our entire visit and shall most definitely return .

Norma Laird McConnell Avatar
Norma Laird McConnell
31/08/2020 - Facebook

still finding paths we havent been on, a fabulous adventure everytime for the family

Tracy Murphy Wilson Avatar
Tracy Murphy Wilson
31/08/2020 - Facebook

Beautiful family day out and a massive thank you to your very kind staff member who worked beside the trains for offering our saint bernard water through out the day, this simple but wonder gesture really was very much appreciated thank you.

Christopher Milligan Avatar
Christopher Milligan
25/08/2020 - Google

Really enjoyed our trip here, the narrow gauge railway was fantastic and the kids really loved it. The walks through the gardens and grounds were brilliant and really helped time slip by. You have to go to Buffers and try their brownies, they were AWESOME!

Sultan Khan Avatar
Sultan Khan
20/08/2020 - Google

Great for the kids. Wonderful open spaces. The playground by the entrance proved to be very popular but the train was the best part of the day. Short but ideal for young children and it allowed us to decide where to go next. The sculptures were big enough for the kids to play around and chase one another. Overall a great day out.

betsey1977 Avatar
5 star rating
18/08/2020 - TripAdvisor

Magical experience! We visited last week and have to say, what a gem! This place is beautiful and already have plans to revisit! From the train ride, to the relaxing walk around the beautiful gardens...everything made it the most perfect day! The kids really enjoyed the train and the adults too, taking in the breathtaking scenery of the castle and the lake, complete with swans! We had a little wait on our train, due to the staff sanitising the carriages following each trip around. We felt very safe in the grounds, as the 2 metre distance was adhered to very well, marked eloquently in places with beautiful flower pots. The kids really enjoyed the playground and the was amazing (excuse the pun!). We finished off our visit with a visit to Buffers, the on-site cafe/restaurant, which has an abundance of treats...and the burger was just delicious! This park is a credit to both management and staff. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly here. We would highly recommend Oakfield Park for a fun-filled day out. The only negative was that we had to leave!

Bryan Morgan Avatar
Bryan Morgan
12/08/2020 - Google

Genuinely one of THE BEST family orientated days out! Loved it. Easily worth every penny... And it's not even that expensive. Can't recommended it highly enough

Selena Mc Kay Avatar
Selena Mc Kay
09/08/2020 - Facebook

We went here with our family for our first day out since the pandemic and we had the best day young and old enjoyed it and Charles on the gateway in was such a pleasant and friendly fella and he was a great help and all the staff were very polite inside the park aswell great place we will be back ๐Ÿ˜Š

Dan Sheerin Avatar
Dan Sheerin
07/08/2020 - Google

The best day out our pets ever had. They loved the train journey. It had great facilities for families with young children. All of the staff were extremely kind and helpful. Definitely going back soon.

Tom Egan Avatar
Tom Egan
31/07/2020 - Google

Really lovely place to visit. Beautiful walks, very well kept, plenty to enjoy for a full day outing. Everyone there is very friendly and keen for the visitors to enjoy themselves. Was well impressed by the deep clean of the train between runs. The food in the Buffer restaurant was excellent and staff were really good. Definitely worth a visit but plan to be there for the day to get the most out of it.

5 star rating
30/07/2020 - TripAdvisor

Love visiting here..... The whole day was just lovely and relaxing..all of the staff from the gardeners in the top garden, the catering staff, to the train driver were just lovely and pleasant..its always well looked after and spotless...I've been before and really love it...had family from England with us this time...they thoroughly enjoyed it too...keep up the good work!! #staycation#Ireland

Diarmaid ร“ Avatar
Diarmaid ร“
5 star rating
20/07/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great place for a day out. Top class. Great day out. From the girl in the ticket booth to the staff in the restaurant and at the train they were all excellent. Just as they should be - friendly, bright and cheery. The place was lovely - immaculately kept and lovely to walk round. The train ride was fun and the maze was good craic. The food was good too and not unreasonable. The walled garden was beautiful. The only small criticism I would make was the the music being played in the restaurant area was too loud and not in keeping with the atmosphere of the place. Turn it down and change it to traditional Irish or classical. But apart from that Iโ€™d give Oatfield top marks.

Michelle Doherty-Haughey Avatar
Michelle Doherty-Haughey
06/07/2020 - Facebook

we had an absolutely fantastic day here today at Oakfield park the grounds are fantastic and there is plenty to do. will definitely be back, we also had a lovely lunch.

Donna Nelson Avatar
Donna Nelson
06/07/2020 - Facebook

Oakfield Park is beautiful with lots to explore. The staff were very friendly and helpful and really made the visit more personable. Our boys (10, 7, 5) loved running around discovering, the train ride and the play park. It can often be difficult to find places to keep the children entertained but we spent 5 hours - exploring, playing, eating and exploring some more. The food at the Buffers Cafe was delicious. Look forward to returning as we decided to buy a season pass after our visit.

Catriona Mccausland Avatar
Catriona Mccausland
29/06/2020 - Facebook

We spent a very rainy day here just after lockdown and enjoyed every minute. Would recommended canโ€™t wait till the sun shines so we can get back to complete the grounds walk. Food was excellent to.

Michelle Cleal Avatar
Michelle Cleal
14/06/2020 - Facebook

we went here today for the first time. it has been our first proper family outing since our son was born and it was amazing we loved every second of it and yous had great social distancing measures in place without ruining the fell of the place. we cant wait to come back

Sylvia C Avatar
Sylvia C
5 star rating
15/02/2020 - TripAdvisor

Exceptional Valentines Dinner We went to Buffers last night for their Special Valentines Dinner. The food was exceptional. So lovely to have local produce prepared and served in a way that enhanced its flavour and goodness. The staff were friendly and helpful. All in all a nice relaxed evening with just the right amount of time between courses. Thank you Joseph and team. It was a really lovely evening. The best meal we have had in a long time. We look forward to more of these nights in the future

Fรญona Ni Thiarnan Avatar
Fรญona Ni Thiarnan
25/12/2019 - Facebook

Fabulous place and staff, especially the elves, magical!

Claire Devine Avatar
Claire Devine
23/12/2019 - Facebook

We had such a fabulous time on Friday night. It was a magical experience for our 4 year old, she was just amazed. A big shout out to the elves who work so hard to make it so enjoyable for the children. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We will be back next year. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป

Linda McGlinchey Avatar
Linda McGlinchey
22/12/2019 - Facebook

Fantastic day out a on the Santa express. The Elves were fantastic so full of life and fun. Mrs Clausโ€™s and graduation ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“ Brillant. Fabulous day highly recommend to anyone. Very well organised. Thank you all at Oakfield Park. ๐ŸŽ…

Veronica Gallen Avatar
Veronica Gallen
22/12/2019 - Facebook

came here with family and friends last week and all I can say is wow!! We all loved it, and the kids had a magical time. All the elves were brilliant, especially Choo Choo who did a fantastic enthusiastic job of seeing us all off on the train from the platform! over at the Santa cabin Woody and Sprinkles entertained with games, songs, dances and the rendition on the Ukulele by Woody was fab! Santa was so good with the kids and the girls taking the photos were so kind. Have been recommending to everyone since and will be back again next year!๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค—

Lorraine Mc Bride Avatar
Lorraine Mc Bride
22/12/2019 - Facebook

Oakfield Park is so beautiful. It never disappoints. The Santa Express today was just so magical. Easter there is always great too. We love it!

dusty69205 Avatar
5 star rating
21/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Santa experience Excellent. Well laid out, things to do for kids. Friendly elves. The train ride and Santa visit was the highlight. Good quality presents. Light displays are very good. Kids (and adults) loved it.

Marie Curran Avatar
Marie Curran
19/12/2019 - Facebook

We went to the Santa Express last night and thoroughly enjoyed every second! The weather was awful but the lovely friendly elves where full of fun and festive cheer! Santa was fantastic and the lights on the train ride where magical! Well done to everyone involved ๐Ÿ’•

Edel Slevin Avatar
Edel Slevin
18/12/2019 - Facebook

I took my 2 beauitful grandaughters and their mum's to The Santa Express it was magical I do belive... after that wonderful evening, loved it was a fantastic experience, very helpful and friendly staff. Well done everyone ...great place to eat we had a great meal very tasty ...

Kim Mcbride Avatar
Kim Mcbride
16/12/2019 - Facebook

We had a lovely night at the Santa express last night..
The elves were all absolutely fantastic and Santa was lovely .๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜

Judith Mcveigh Avatar
Judith Mcveigh
16/12/2019 - Facebook

Santa Express great idea. The family all enjoyed their visit

Samantha Byrne Avatar
Samantha Byrne
16/12/2019 - Facebook

Went here for the Santa ๐ŸŽ… experience with the Jackson hotel , From start to finish it was a Magical experience and very friendly, helpful staff. The elves got everyone excited getting on the train to visit Santa ๐ŸŽ… in his castle and when we got there Rosie elve and the other elves played singing games , spin the wheel etc, while waiting to go into Santa ๐ŸŽ…, when we got into Santa , nothing was rushed he took his time talking to the children. Would highly recommend this experience adults and kids alike loved it .

Sarah Ivory Avatar
Sarah Ivory
15/12/2019 - Facebook

We took our grandchildren to see Santa at Oakfield Park, we were travelling from Birmingham in England. the children were very excited to see Santa & we were entertained by the elves who were very funny especially Rosie elf who made our experience a very memorable one!!

Roisin ร“Sullivan Avatar
Roisin ร“Sullivan
14/12/2019 - Facebook

the santa experience is fantastic and their elves are just amazing

RoyS371 Avatar
5 star rating
14/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Santa express Myself and my youngest daughter visited oakfield today for the santa express train and all though I have been there before with our oulder kids today was even better..... it seems like they have really got everything right..... to start of with I made a mistake booking our tickets and phoned them up 4 days before going and without any problems I was able to change them.... once we landed the staff was welcoming and very helpful..... the train ride was brilliant..the grounds are spectacular and very much dedicated to make it for the kids.... we meet Santa and received a lovely gift which my daughter loved.... there is a photographer ther to give you the choice if you would like a photo with santa in a cardboard frame.... the return back on the train is longer and very enjoyable... once u get back there is loads to do.... buffers is a lovely restaurant which we had hot chocolate and cake... which for the two of us was only โ‚ฌ10.50 well worth it.... plus there was a tent with render games another tent which I can't remember the name off.... which had face painting.. card making and art work plus a sweetie shop..... all this is free... (apart from the sweets) which I thought was brilliant because you didn't feel as if every corner you turned someone was trying to get money out of you....whill we were there i noticed I had lost my phone so started retracing our tracks and got speeking to a young girl in the restaurant who had served us either.... chantelle was her name this young lady went out of her way to help and used her own phone to track down mine...... even to the point that after we had left the restaurant telling her I had lost my phone she followed us to help..... it just goes to show how good the staff is to make you feel welcome...... this place is a must if you have kids and want a lovely day out..... well done oakfield and staff..... as we were leaving there was 3 coach's landed.... the place was so busy it had such a Christmas buzz about it..... on the way home my 7yr old asked can we go back next year.... yes we will.... you can spend hrs here and give yourself loads of time before and after train ride..... once again well done oakfield.....

Cavanmann Avatar
5 star rating
14/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Santa visit 2019 We send back again last night to this Santa express we had a real great time with kids we went to Rath wood last year which was very good too and have to say the Oakfield park is best Santa experience

Kids want to go back again I think thatโ€™s says it all ,we spent nearly 4 hours there so enjoyable

Michelle Duffy Avatar
Michelle Duffy
13/12/2019 - Facebook

What a fantastic experience at the polar express, the place was fab and the elves were just brilliant, we enjoyed everything about our evening, can definitely recommend this place

Catherina McMullen Avatar
Catherina McMullen
12/12/2019 - Facebook

Had an amazing time at santa experience this evening thank you oakfield park for being so understanding and accommodating when we turned up a week late for our booking!! ๐Ÿ™ˆ it was very much appreciated ๐ŸŽ…

Annmarie Martin Avatar
Annmarie Martin
12/12/2019 - Facebook

Great Santa experience at a special time of year.

Michelle Hogg Avatar
Michelle Hogg
08/12/2019 - Facebook

What a fantastic day. I cannot rate the Santa days highly enough. Staff were fabulous. Enthusiastic, great with kids. So many well thought out activities for every age range. The food was devine and we left with 2 very very happy children. Thank you.

Laura Doogan Avatar
Laura Doogan
08/12/2019 - Facebook

We had the most amazing time at the Christmas experience! From when we arrived till we left- was just fantastic! My niece and nephew were just amazed and their faces were lit up with smiles the whole time! Thank you so much to everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Elaine Munnelly Avatar
Elaine Munnelly
08/12/2019 - Facebook

Our little girl really enjoyed Santa Express. The Elves and Santa were great and whole park experience was fantastic. great job.

Tanya Diver Avatar
Tanya Diver
07/12/2019 - Facebook

We where at The Santa Express and could not fault it, adults and kids alike loved it. Magical experience and very friendly, helpful staff. Well done everyone

Rina du Plessis Avatar
Rina du Plessis
06/12/2019 - Facebook

last night we went to see Santa at oakfield park and what a wonderful experience we had! it truly felt magical! and was an enjoyable evening for young and old!!

Kate Walls Avatar
Kate Walls
04/12/2019 - Facebook

Santa express train. Magical experience for kids and adults. X

Julie McPherson Pollock Avatar
Julie McPherson Pollock
01/12/2019 - Facebook

Absolutely magical trip on the Santa Express tonight and a lovely meal in Buffers after. Would highly recommend it!

Daron Lfc Mcfarlane Avatar
Daron Lfc Mcfarlane
03/11/2019 - Facebook

had a brilliant night well worth the trip

Patricia Bermingham Avatar
Patricia Bermingham
30/09/2019 - Facebook

This is such a beautiful place stunning gardens, the train spin is fab around the gardens, lovely day out for anyone well worth a visit. The staff are helpful, friendly and welcoming. l would be very happy to give this lovely place a 5 star as its spotlessly clean and well looked after. l would like to thank Damien for his help and all the staff that work here.

Teresa Hoey Avatar
Teresa Hoey
29/09/2019 - Facebook

We had an amazing afternoon at Oakfield Park today the staff were so nice especially Maeve ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป she never stopped playing with our girls from the moment we landed. The food was delicious and all reasonably priced. The train ride was class we will definitely be back. A great family day out โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

Henry David Allum Avatar
Henry David Allum
24/09/2019 - Facebook

As part of my plan to visit every miniature railway in the British Isles I'll be including the Difflin Lake Railway!

Leanne Browne Avatar
Leanne Browne
20/09/2019 - Facebook

Amazing walks and my children loves the train rides x

Henry McCrea Avatar
Henry McCrea
01/09/2019 - Facebook

Had never been before and it was brilliant. Very tidy and well run with a lovely cafe with great food. Would love to return in the autumn when the trees turn but donโ€™t think is open which is a pity

Kenny McCain Avatar
Kenny McCain
26/08/2019 - Facebook

great fun for the kids. fantastic scenery for the adults. very helpful staff. a lovely meal. can't really ask for more

Karen Gallinagh Murphy Avatar
Karen Gallinagh Murphy
25/08/2019 - Facebook

Return visit to Oakfield Park and Buffers Restaurant last night! Scrumptious... delicious... just top class... and the service was superb! Top Tier of the Cake, in staff choice. They were ALL outstanding. Brilliant evening. thank you K

Michelle Pabon Avatar
Michelle Pabon
10/08/2019 - Facebook

Itโ€™s such a beautiful garden with a surprise around every corner !

Michelle McCafferty Avatar
Michelle McCafferty
05/08/2019 - Facebook

We went to the Teddy bears picnic and it was the best day. Such a well organised event. It helped that the sun was shining. Such a fantastic place right on our doorstep a will definitely be back.

Ciara Timoney Avatar
Ciara Timoney
03/08/2019 - Facebook

Lovely day out, staff are so friendly and our dog was welcome too!

Michelle Mclaughlin Avatar
Michelle Mclaughlin
15/07/2019 - Facebook

amazing place to go and the food was delicious ๐Ÿ‘Œ train ride was fantastic..great place to take the kids

Laura Lupton Avatar
Laura Lupton
22/06/2019 - Facebook

We had a wonderful time Made so welcome Beautiful place

Andrea Dunbar Avatar
Andrea Dunbar
22/06/2019 - Facebook

was here with our camera club today beautiful place staff went above and beyond for us they are fantastic

Sandra Devenney Avatar
Sandra Devenney
12/06/2019 - Facebook

This is fast becoming my favourite place to spend my day off. The park is so peaceful and beautifully kept, I have been a few times now and every time I go I find something new. I love the lower garden however there is something very special about the upper gardens, almost like being transcended back in time. I love taking a flask and a book and sitting reading listen to the trees blowing. There is something for everyone, little play park for the kids while you have a beautiful lunch or just sitting enjoying a glass of wine in the garden, a 2k walking route taking in all the surprises in the lower garden or for me the silence and elegance of centuries ago in the upper garden. My only negative is that itโ€™s going to become a top Donegal tourist spot and we will have to share. I am very proud to tell everyone about this hidden gem. Truly very special in every way.

Julie Barr Avatar
Julie Barr
26/05/2019 - Facebook

We booked Oakfield Park for our daughter's confirmation last weekend. The food in buffers was exceptional , staff were very friendly and attentive. We had a wonderful day in the park and we will definitely be returning ๐Ÿ˜ŠHighly recommend!!

Rhona Crossan Avatar
Rhona Crossan
26/05/2019 - Facebook

We had a meal in buffers restaurant last night. Lovely food, good choice for vegetarians. The service was lovely from start to finish. Highly impressed, hats off to the chef and all of the staff. We really enjoyed it & would highly recommend. Thanks for the lovely meal.