Harry Potter Experience in Partnership with Wainfest 2019

Posted / 12th September 2019

After a jam-packed summer, we are delighted to be partnering with Wainfest again this year for two special Harry Potter Weekends. A must for Muggles everywhere, our Harry Potter Experience takes place on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th and Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October.

Come dressed as your favourite characters from the famous book and take a ride on the Hogwart’s Express, making sure to avoid the Dementors and Nearly Headless Nick as you go!


You’ll even get the chance to play a refereed game of Quidditch with brooms, hoops, quaffles, bludgers and a snitch all thrown in for good measure! You can also enjoy free Harry Potter themed crafts, watch Harry Potter movies in Buffers and feast on Harry Potter themed candies and Butter Beer. This year, we’ve also introduced a Harry Potter Quest which will see children of all ages explore the park in search of hidden clues.

There is no booking required for this event and no additional cost; just entry to the park as normal. For a full list of prices, click HERE. The event runs from 12noon to 5pm.A not-to-be-missed Harry Potter Weekend!