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Environmental Practices

Environmental Practices, Oakfield Park

Oakfield Park, Buffers restaurant and the gardens are managed and maintained using the strictest sustainable principles. We aim to provide a beautiful day out in nature for the current generation, whilst ensuring that the estate can be enjoyed by future generations.

Here are just a few of the many ways Oakfield Park is managed in a holistic and sustainable manner across the different areas.

On the Grounds

  • The grounds cover 100 acres in total – much of it covered in ancient trees, Heritage Trees, wetlands, waterways and native woodland.
  • The estate is maintained as perfect habitat for many important species including foxes, badgers, bats, otters and a huge number of bird species.
  • Within the past 20 years, we have planted approximately 45,000 native trees in the grounds. This includes an oak plantation with many unusual variations of oak tree.
  • Natural reed beds are used to attenuate storm water as well as to clean foul water before it reaches the waterways. These reed beds also provide the perfect habitat for many species of insect.
  • The gardeners make their own compost, wood chip and leaf mould.

In the Restaurant

  • The kitchen garden is used to provide organically grown produce to the house as well as Buffers restaurant
  • Wood used in fires and stoves is gathered and cut from naturally fallen trees and branches within the estate.
  • The ornate ponds and rills in the walled garden are fed by a Victorian Ram Pump in the upper gardens. This pump was installed in 1864 and very cleverly, requires no fuel or electricity to function.
  • Other water features in the lower gardens are naturally fed by the streams and lakes which also act as a perfect habitat for water fowl such as ducks, mallards, herons, coots and swans. There is a bird hide to observe this wildlife in Difflin lake.
  • We currently have five bee hives on the estate and harvest honey which is used in Buffers restaurant and sold throughout the year.
  • We maintain over 6 acres of wildflower on the estate which is a haven for bees, butterflies and humans alike.
  • Coffee cups in Buffers are either fully compostable or reusable.
  • Food that isn’t produced in the gardens is sourced as locally as possible.
  • Staff segregate compostable and recyclable waste throughout the estate and avoid single use plastic where practicable in the gardens.
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