Don’t Step on a Bee Day – Save Our Bees

Don't Step on a Bee Day plants

Posted / 10th July 2019

The 10th of July marks Don’t Step on a Bee Day and we’re reminding people to help protect our precious bees.

Bees play an important role pollinating flowers and help them reproduce.

Having bees buzzing around can bring life to your yard and make flowers and other plants lush.

You can attract bees by planting wildflowers, fruits, vegetables and sunflowers. You should also provide water and shelter for bees.

Bright colours lure bees in and Oakfield Park’s head gardener, Wendy Bridgett, says that blue is a very attractive colour to them.


5 Steps To Save Our Bees

  • Plant flowers and shrubs which will flower in spring and autumn
  • Leave an area of your grass uncut so that flowers such as daisies and dandelions can flower there
  • If you do not have a garden and only have a balcony you can grow herbs in plant pots which will flower throughout the year
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Plant bee friendly plants such as lavender and comfrey


In Oakfield Park’s upper gardens you can see many bees, including honey bees.

We also produce our own Oakfield Park honey, available to purchase in Buffers.