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We offer a vibrant workplace with a varied, challenging, and exciting working experience, and we require people with energy, ability, and a great attention to detail.

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Seasonal Chef

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Oakfield Park: Top Four Ways To Help Pollinators

Today is #WorldEarthDay and it’s all about highlighting way we can save our planet and be more sustainable. Here at Oakfield Park we strive to protect our planet How? By planting new trees, conserving water, supporting pollinators and using garden produce to create our Buffers menu. We all have a role to play and here are four ways you can help pollinators at home:


Native trees and shrubs such as Willow, Hawthorn, Rowan, Crab Apple, and Holly support huge numbers of insects including pollinators. Plant a young tree in the autumn or winter or grow them from seed.


Our ninety-nine species of wild pollinators nest in hedgerows, wild areas, dry stone walls, and even in the ground. To make a nesting habitat for them, just scrape back some bare earth, leave some areas to grow wild, or simply drill holes 10cm deep in unvarnished wood for solitary bees.


There are plenty of beautiful plants you can choose for your garden that are rich in nectar and pollen. Bidens and Bacopa are great bedding plants for small containers and hanging baskets; and herbs such as Thyme and Rosemary provide food for you as well as for pollinators. Make sure you keep these plants to your garden and don’t plant them in the wider landscape. Outside your garden, the best action for pollinators is to create biodiversity meadows and margins by reducing mowing.


Spread native wildflower seeds in your gardens!

Want to find out more about all the environmental practices at Oakfield Park? Check this out – OUR PRACTICES.

Steam Sunday – 26th June

Sunday 26th June & the last Sunday of each month.

The grounds at Oakfield Park include a host of sites to explore, including walled gardens, ponds, lakes, an outdoor playground, a hedge maze, heritage trees and sculptures. Children can make a wish at Oakfield Park’s Faerie tree, while navigating their way through extensive walks and trails.
Weave your way through the park’s gardens along 4.5km of narrow-gauge track on Oakfield Park’s diesel and steam trains, the ‘Duchess of Difflin’ and ‘The Earl of Oakfield.’ The trains operate passenger trips around the grounds, which is a magical way to explore the park’s gardens as the train passes through flower meadows, beautiful woodlands, willow tunnels, oak circles, boardwalks, heritage trees, a wooden causeway and sparkling streams and lakes.
After a day exploring the parklands, visitors can refuel in Buffers Restaurant, which is open alongside park opening hours and is returning with a delicious new menu created with produce from the park’s gardens.